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The ‘Professionalization of Security’ in Nigeria strategy is designed as a mechanism for individuals and organizations to share ideas and best practice in order to support the personal and professional development of security practitioners and focal points, while concurrently reducing security risks and operational disruptions to projects and organizations.

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The PLSO team offers a range of tools and resources to support this initiative. We run workshops where guest speakers can offer useful insights and where participants can share experiences and knowledge. And, we offer opportunities for security practitioners to access useful knowledge and skills through online and in-person mentoring, training and exercising opportunities.

We encourage the active involvement of participants and their organizations in sharing experiences, ideas and solutions for the benefit of all within Nigeria.

Guest Speaker Workshop Videos

Chemonics: “Coordinating Real Time Between HQ and the Field Office”
Chemonics: “Feeding the Beast -Knowing the needs and Expectations of the HQ”
RTI: “The Request for Proposal (RFP) Process”
DAI: “Project Recovery in the COVID-19 Pandemic”
GISF: “Coordination and Collaboration”
Social Impact: “The Value of Security Plans”
CARE: “Appropriate  Training for Appropriate Environments”
INSSA: “Enabling the Delivery of Humanitarian and Development Assistance
UNHAS: “Supporting IP’s Through the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service
HPS: Understanding Trauma and its Impact on Humanitarians  A Neuroscience Perspective
USAID: Security Managers SFP Roundtable” -24Feb21
World Vison: Hostage Incident Management
Warwick Stacey: Kidnap for Ransom, Avoidance & Survival
USAID: Security Managers SFP Roundtable” -30Mar21
USAID: Security Managers SFP Roundtable” -27Apr21
Michael Hawkes: “Planning and coordinating offshore operations
USAID: Chief of Party Roundtable” -25May21

Free Training Resources from RSM

Chief of Party and Country Director’s Risk and Emergency Management Leadership Program

Security Manager and Focal Point’s Risk Leadership Program

Security Document Development Tutorial

ISER Video