The Partner Liaison Security Operations [PLSO] team is an initiative to support the sharing of ideas, best practice and risk management solutions for Implementing Partners in Nigeria.

Our team offers a wide range of services to support with risk, resilience and business continuity management goals. We encourage organizations to reach out to our team to access our free online training courses, in-person advisory and mentoring support, workshops and events, templates and tools, and threat reporting alerts. Your organization can also be provided an ISER account to help you manage and report a wide range of incidents.

What We Do…

  • Time-sensitive threat reporting [Text Alerts and Email Alerts].
  • Online ‘Know-Before-You-Go’ training and new arrival security awareness briefings.
  • Internationally certified training for leaders, staff and drivers [online and in-person].
  • Briefings for leaders on security risk management in Nigeria.
  • Security document framework templates and online tutorials.
  • Office and operating area security risk assessments.
  • A fusion point for Implementing Partner and private sector collaboration.
  • Opportunities for workshops and networking to build a community of risk practitioners.
  • The identification and consolidation of useful suppliers and vendors within Nigeria.
  • Useful report and publication resources including studies, articles and analysis.
  • Program start-up and expansion advisory services.

Services and Links

Services Guide

PLSO Nigeria Presentation

ISER Resource

Support and Resources Guide

Access useful information about the PLSO Nigeria Project

Pre-Deployment Information

Access useful security resources, resource links, reports.

Leadership eLearning Programs

Access a wide range of
eLearning materials.


Access useful guidelines and resources on COVID-19 and other pandemic risks.


Explore our pre-deployment safety, security, and cultural awareness resources.

Professionalization of

Access a wide range of Guest Presentations, Materials, and Free Training Resources.

Arrivals Safety, Security, and Cultural Awareness Briefing

Leadership Security Risk Management